Monday, June 30, 2014

Symmetry exercise in preparation for left-and-right breathing

Today's topic: creating better symmetry of leg action.

The problem: Mom is hoping to be able to "breathe left and right." But when she gives it a try, she notices difficulty on her least favorite side.

I notice that there is asymmetry built into her kick. This video shows her old style of kicking:

Today's exercise: we try to swim with the sensation of the "front of hip and front of thigh" pressing downward on each stroke as if the front-of-hip were connecting to the track of a train. At present, we let the legs drag behind us and don't worry about the wide distance between them.

Today's goal: to swim with the weight shift of hips and more relaxed legs; the downward leg should find a moment pressing "in its train track" in good straight alignment.

Result: Although wide, a much more symmetrical "gait":

And by her next practice, a symmetrical and calmer leg kick provides effective forward propulsion:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swimming slowly and precisely 6/26/14

Here you see the way I swim now. I'm working on having good head alignment with a relaxed neck, minimal 2-beat kick, relaxed forearm and wrist "above water" during recovery. Continued goals: to keep hips high enough to allow a quick breath keeping one goggle eye piece underwater; to minimize hip drop during breath.

My mom has been working hard and is looking good: "hand in the pocket" gives her hips a nice lift which helps create a more horizontal floating position in the water, head is relaxed and has a nice medium depth in the water, and her 2-beat kick is very consistent. Goals: to be sure to delay the "pull" of the forward underwater arm.